M/V Alucia 11/07/2017

Timepoint #2 – Day 4 in Jardines de la Reina; Day 8 aboard the M/V Alucia

The sun’s gone down and the moon is rising a deep pink. There’s lightning on the horizon, which I’ve got a great view of from my shiny new experiments on the helipad. I’m up here taking a timepoint.

Sampling by headlamp (thanks, Amy!) for post-sunset timepoints takes a bit of getting used to, but adds to the fun. Our favorite engineer Conrad and mission control officer Stu spent Monday helping me rig up “tanks” on the helipad to use for nitrogen experiments. With a few special ingredients (zipties and duct tape) they work! Even though the mission control lecture hall was great, you can’t beat the view from my new office.






The new lab fits the flow of our experiments: from the ocean into the tank and on to the sample.

Early this morning we set out for another batch of scientific dives, where I helped Maickel (University of Havana) sample some of the smallest reef organisms and got to learn from one of the masters. As for larger reef life, the Gardens of the Queen speak for themselves:

I was also just in time to catch a grouper taking a nap on Laura’s niskin bottle.

Yesterday night ended in a chill session with safety officer Ross on the bridge. Red lights, Cuban music, and a crash course in trying to read a magnetic compass make for a more interesting watch for us both.

Thanks for joining the expedition. Stay tuned.